Inspectivo is a mobile software that streamlines inspection - audit management and checklist automation for manufacturing, retail & apparel, mining, petro-chemicals, construction, facility management and field services companies. 

Get reliable and instant audit reports based on reliable data. Improve productivity, safety and compliance, prevent breakdowns, reduce downtime. Instantly create corrective actions and follow-up completion.





Manage Inspections & Audits

Automate Checklists 

Inspectivo automates checklists, periodic inspections and audits, including process, 5S and safety audits. Inspectivo eliminates paperwork, reduces labor, and provides reliable reports based on reliable data.

Inspectivo works seamlessy on all plaforms including tablets, mobile PC's, handheld computers, and smart phones.

Inspection points are securely identified with unique RFID or barcode labels. Data is collected efficiently and analyzed in real-time. Results are reported and stored safely at the maintained company server.



Inspectivo revolutionizes traditional inspection and autonomous maintenance activities by bringing advanced statistical process control tools and an easy-to-use mobile application together.

Inspectivo's value is in early detection and prevention of problems before they occur: Inspectivo is a smart system supported with multiple SPC and multivariate data analysis tools to derive critical results from the inspection data. 

Get real time reports, based on accurate data
Manage planning, execution and reporting of inspections
Eliminate paperwork, automate checklists
Streamline internal reporting procedures
Manage immediate action plans
Reduce machine breakdowns, defects, and waste
Build a corporate knowledge base
Prolong equipment life
Avoid reactive crisis management


Inspectivo supports AM Pillar activities for organizations who use World Class Manufacturing practices